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What is Smart Card?

Smart Cards is evolving fast in present scenario and prone to be widely accepted with passing years. A chip embedded in Smart Card has the memory which contains customer account information / Points / Money / Balances within. The card is infuse into a device named as Smart card reader that can read and write to it, amending information accordingly.

Where I can Use Smartcards?

Use of Smart Card is not limited to any one usage, one can use it as health club, Electronic cash, loyalty program and other various type of application.

Smart Card system has proved to be more reliable, authentic and secure mode of payment.

What is Smart Card Solution?

Smart Cards are pocket sized cards with embedded integrated circuits which can process information.

These card can be used in conducting Business Transactions in a secured manner.

Salient Features of Smartcard

  • It is portable device with data storage capabilities
  • Smart card can be used in Banking and financial transaction.
  • Provide loyalty and tracking and providing incentives to repeat customers.
  • It is identification device for mobile communication
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with 24 hour continues service.
  • Unique, own serial number improves the level of security that is associated with smart card.

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