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MLM Matrix Plan Solution

Matrix Plan

The matrix plan has been considered as “Black Sheep” of the MLM Compensation plan family. This plan is known for its unique characteristics that is limited width. Unlike other plan, a matrix restricts the number of distributor you can sponsor on your first level. Once you have achieved fixed number of distributors you can sponsor in this plan any new member that you sponsor will be position under one of your existing frontline distributors.

MLM Binary plan is an example of 2X2 matrix. The structure can be defined as 1-2-4-8 and so on. Other example of this plan is of 3X3 matrix. The structure of this mlm matrix plan can be defined as 1-3-9-27 and so on. These two types of matrix are most popular and commonly used. The user can also use 4X4 matrix but it is very time consuming and create lots of complications. In the case of 3*3 this plan the spill concept is applicable. In that case, the 4th onward direct will be called as Spill and will be placed in down line structure of sponsor. In general the income distribution for this plan can be pre defined amount per member per level similar to generation plan.

Let consider 3x3 matrix, here every member can sponsor maximum three members immediately. The positions in this plan are subsequently filled from top to bottom and Left to right. User can only select the sponsor; he is not allowed to select the position. For particular payout period the member will get commission on level basis.

MLM Matrix Plan

Auto Matrix Plan

  • The sole difference between Matrix and Auto Matrix is that the members are not even allowed to select the sponsor in auto matrix plan.
  • Member will be placed in the available free position that is selected in a pattern Left to Right and Top to bottom.
  • All other calculations will be the same.
  • This plan has always been clubbed with some other plan either Generation or Binary.

The software exclusive

  • Structured Tree view to get the idea of your plan.
  • Payout calculation as per limited width.
  • Thousand of clients in more than 25 countries who are using our MLM matrix plan software.
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