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Educational Package

Ecudational Program Software

About Life@Click

  • Life@Click is a complete Education Program
  • Life@Click is a complete program that has been only created to serve best services to its customers. This Web Application has wrapped the whole life for creating tangible benefits for you.
  • Life@Click provides validation, support and a sense of belonging to all those who seek a life of joy, harmony, peace and self-actualization. In today's sensationalistic and negative publishing culture, Life@Click stands out as a repository of sanity, optimism, and relevant site that promotes higher values.
  • Its orientation, as indicated by the name, is to consciously focus on the Complete Life without ignoring any of our requirements. Life@Click will prove itself a "yatra" that will in end; leave you with enhanced life & with the capabilities to beat any of an impossible condition comes later in our Life.

Life@Click is here to influence far-fetched change in your Life. This journey consists of different modules & those are as follows :

Jeevan Shrunkhala

  • " What is life? " life is like a Wheel. The wheel is an ancient symbol combining the meaning of the circle as wholeness or completion. At the center of the wheel is a still point, the axis. It is central to the wheel's movement, but it does not move. Similarly in the life cycle of Human Being phases of life changes but the Soul of your body remains neutral & this is represented as "The Wheel of Life". .............& here we are calling it as " Jeevan Shrunkhala ".
  • Life's phases are broad divisions such as childhood or infancy, Student or youth, Career age or adult, and old age or Elderly age. The four phases of the wheel occur within these stages.
  • Childhood, which is beginning of Human Life Cycle. From this phase we enter in our Student Life. The third phase is our Career development, the phase in which a human begin tries to establish himself in life in professional as well as in personal aspects. And at the phase of our life from where we move towards to make our life quiet, pure and cultivated.

Personality Development

  • Personality development is the development of the organized pattern of 'behaviors and attitudes' that makes a person distinctive.
  • How to Easily Re-Program Yourself to Succeed in everything you'll ever do! The solution is to improve in every area of your life. And to it is known as Self development strategy .So if we conclude to make a perfect impression on some one, it includes some other things also like your body language, which means how your physical presentation is on another person. How to make a Perfect Impact on others? we are going to describe in the link Look Important because it helps you to think Important.
  • After that, How could you better communicate with people, that we are going to teach you in Building Communication. This will cover all the aspects regarding communication.
  • Confidence is also an important prospect in building your personality. Find How to face this world, with having your own satisfactory confidence level in the link "face the World". It will surely make a change in your life.
  • We grow up in such an environment where culture affects our thinking so much. To enhance your thinking level you will get complete guidance in Emotion & behavior.
  • In the present days to be different from other, to beat other, leadership qualities are important. How to generate a Leader in yourself? That you will get in Leadership Skills. How to know the people & their personality we are going to brief in the link Types of People.
  • To control your mind & Soul, in such a hectic environment of today's world has become a difficult task. Concentration & Meditation in your life will improve your life style & personality. This is the key factor of the link Concentration & Meditation. And at the last you can test your personality on some predefined scales with the help of the matter Test your Self.

English Speaking

  • Over the years, English language has become one of our principal assets in getting a global leadership. English language comes to our aid in our commercial transactions throughout the globe. English is a means not only for international commerce; it has become increasingly essential for inter-state commerce and communication. In India, people going from North to South for education or business mostly communicate in English, which has become a link language.
  • Realizing the importance of English recently, demands teaching of English language in schools. So we have brought the complete guideline for you, now you can learn English from home.
  • Pick the best way to know routine life English with our section Learn to Speak. Explore useful phrases and proper language used in the Build your Basics article. It will cover all the basic aspects of English Language studies. For the rules of the English language, see English Grammar. Tongue-twisters may rely on similar but distinct phonemes, unfamiliar constructs in loanwords, or other features of a language it is to twist and tangle up your whole mouth! In Sort "Word-Usage error" is nicely presented in Tongue-Twister. The vocabulary of a person is defined either as the set of all words that are understood by that person or the set of all words likely to be used by that person. Improve your vocabulary with us; we have suggested so many tips for the same in How to increase your vocabulary? If we are learning any language it is essential that we should know how to write correctly in that language, LEARN TO WRITE correct ENGLISH with Let's Write English. How good is your English? Test yourself with our Quizzes along with Answers.

Computer Education

  • Today, computers are no longer specialized tools used only by scientists or engineers. Computer systems are everywhere—in places you cannot see or would not expect to find them. They are a fact of life, a common thread that ties together our education, work, and home life. Computers play a key role in how individuals work and how they live. Even the smallest organizations have computers to help them operate more efficiently, and many individuals use computers at home for educational, entertainment, and business purposes.
  • Microsoft Office, hardware, software, viruses, creating presentations, graphs, and more. These rudimentary abilities are an absolute necessity in today's job place. You can notice that after graduation every job you will found is required some computer education and skills or Of course someone more attuned to computer skills than others.
  • If you lack basic computer education and wish to get a better hold on modern technology and the future that lies ahead, it's time to take action. It could be easier to get a computer education now anywhere through online to you. Computer skills are a basic fact of life for most workers. Even if you don't work with computers in order to complete your primary work duties, it is likely that you run into them from time to time. Depending upon the kind of job you are looking for, you may need different types of career education and computer skills. Here we are providing some of the best computer skills to master if you want to succeed in a certain industry –
    • Microsoft Word : Microsoft word is a word processing application that runs off Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word enables you to create a wide variety of documents, ranging from letters and faxes, to labels and envelopes. Microsoft Word can also be used to format text and graphics, to add a professional appearance to any document.
    • Microsoft Excel : Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool that also comes with Microsoft Office. Excel allows users to enter large amounts of numerical data into rows and columns. You can then perform calculations using the data, or convert the data into graphs or charts for statistical analysis.
    • Microsoft Power Point : Microsoft Power Point is a computer program that allows you to develop interesting, interactive, and dynamic presentations. The program lets you incorporate text, graphics, and audio into your presentations. You can also create slide shows and other unique types of presentations.
    • Internet Basics : The Internet, sometimes called simply "the Net", is a worldwide system of computer networks - a network in which users at any one computer can have permissible information from World Wide. What is Domain? What is Website? What is Server? What is E-Mailing? These are some prime information we will describe in Internet Basics.

General Knowledge

  • General knowledge means "knowledge that is available to anyone" General means not special or more relevantly, not restricted or specialized. So general knowledge is not specific knowledge. General also means to relate to the whole or most, so could general knowledge relate to all knowledge but not anything specific? Are these positions contradictory? General also means widespread so general knowledge could mean knowledge that is commonly known.
  • How do I improve my general knowledge? Many people ask this question. So, we have decided to put some general knowledge questions in the form of a quiz along with their answers so that you can learn and improve your general knowledge.
  • This Section consists of thousands of Quiz Questions with answers based on different topics like: Bollywood, Geography of India, Geography of World, Famous Personalities, Festivals, and Sports like Cricket, Football & Others, and Wildlife Centaury, Politics etc. etc…..

Forth Coming Attractions

  • Personalized Websites — Make your own Customized website.
  • Tours & Travels — Get ready to ride with us on worldwide tour.
  • Career Guidance — Complete Navigation to construct your career.
  • Solved Question — Prepare yourself before attempting an Exam.
  • Matrimonial — A source for searching your Life partner.
  • Government Procedures — Get easy Solution of all Government dealings.

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